Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Good Little Boys

While Santa went round the world giving toys to good little boys and girls, Mrs Santa followed him giving her strap-om to bad little boys who dressed like girls! Santa and the Mrs were surprised that each year he visited fewer homes and she visited more and more!!!


  1. They needn't have ben surprised. Sissy logic tells me it's perfectly reasonable.

  2. I wish I could be one of the Elfs, going around and giving all the good Santa Sissies their reward! I'm sure if you've been REALLY GOOD, your Mistress would allow you the reward of an orgasim, and who else to give it but one of the subbie Elfs???

    1. I've been really good, or really bad depending on your point of view, and I am really hoping to cum for Christmas! I can't think of anything else I want as much as I want that!!!

  3. Ms Santa was not surprised at all. On Christmas Eve SHE now holds the reigns to the sleigh all the time now, leaving Fashion Kendra dolls and make-up for all the boys and sports equipment for the young Women.

    She smiles victoriously as Her little 'Sandra' Claus dutifully meets Her with a martini and slippers in hand and dinner ready while girlishly wearing the short red satin maids uniform She loves to see him in. "HO -Ho-HO!" She yells later as She pegs Her little elf-WENCH!