Saturday, December 13, 2014

Saturday Matinee - The Brainwashers

Phil Gordon, the intrepid reporter for the Daily Post watched from his hiding spot in the brainwashing chamber! To his horror he saw a small group of wholesome boy scouts being led in and secured to the devices!
What could he do??? He'd have to try and sneak out and get help but what about these poor innocent boys?
It was then he heard their voices and knew the process had already begun as they spoke in unison repeating the commands being beamed into their brains!!!!

"We love to wear panties!"
"We love to suck cocks!"
"We will obey our masters and mistresses!"
"We are sissy slaves!"
"We want to dress as pretty girls!"

It was too late for these boys but maybe he could stop these brainwashing fiends! As he turned to make his escape they grabbed him! They laughed as they dragged him to the device!!!


  1. They won't be repeating the unofficial boy scout oath anytime soon!

    "Oh my honor, I'll do my best, to help the girl scouts get undressed!"

    Then again, they could still be reciting it and then putting on the girl's clothing instead!

    Loving this Saturday Matinée interludes!

  2. Tee hee. Very devious. Redundant for some of us though darling. My minds already there :-)