Wednesday, December 24, 2014


The way I like to do it is to grasp it firmly in my hand! Feel how hard it is, it makes my mouth water in anticipation!!! My whole body quivers as the scent of it reaches lovely!!! Slowly then....oh so slowly I bring it to my lips and I fight back the urge to just gobble it up like the greedy sissy I am....I want to savor the experience! I don't go right for the tip, I want it to last a while! Slowly I let my tongue slide up and down the slick shaft, tasting the wonderfully full flavor of it! I move slowly because soon I will slide it into my lips and suck it until it shrinks away as it's flavor explodes in my mouth! Soon it will be gone and I'll be reaching for the next one and we'll begin again!
I Love Candy Canes they satisfy me in many ways!!!

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