Thursday, December 4, 2014

Maybe Not

"I've been thinking about releasing you all day Sissy, I mean how long has it been 10, 11 days?"
"It's been more than 8 months sweetheart...I'd really like to cum...Really!"
"Yes I know, I've been thinking it over all day but I've decided we should wait just a little longer   OK Sissy?"
"You know what's best sweetheart!"
Inwardly I groaned....How much longer could I take it......


  1. 8 months is a long time sweet girl. I'd like to be there when she releases you finally. I'd make it worth your while.

    1. I stopped begging at around the 5 month mark...she promises that it'll happen soon....of course she's been promising that for 6 months previous longest was a months and I thought that was forever! But I can honestly say it has led to a deeper state of submission and desire than I have ever felt in my life!!!