Saturday, December 6, 2014

Saturday Matinee - Legend

"Gentlemen I present to you the perfectly preserved King of Sissy Island!"
"Smythe! You must be mad! Clearly this was the Queen!"
"Ah Caruthers, always the skeptic! Lift the loin cloth and see for yourself!"
""Alright I see, but it's so small!"
"Small it may be but, gentlemen, this sarcophagus was found amid artifacts over three thousand years old!"
"But why no decay? Why no decomposition?"
"If you look at the glyphs you'll see that the Sissy King isn't really dead! He's waiting until someone sucks his tiny appendage to rise up, no pun intended, and resume his rule!"
"And so? Have you tested this?"
"No gentlemen, I thought one of you might volunteer?"


  1. I'm guessing the elephant in the room is, "What happens to the man that sucks his little boy clit?" There are so many different options as to what can happen! Does he become submissive to the 'King' or takes possession of the King himself? Maybe he takes the place of the Sissy King? Perhaps the Sissy King turns the men who DIDN'T suck him off into sissy slaves too?

    You need to follow this one up Kaaren! If it was played as a Saturday Matinee, it is probably a serial!

    1. Dee, you make a wonderful editor/co-author but I really can't decide what happens next! It's like seeing the cliffhanger and missing the next episode!!!

  2. Kaaren my dear, this is totally whack! How in the world did your kinky little sissy brain come up with this?



    1. Didn't you love those adventure movies when we were young, the bold manly explorers who were everything that I wasn't? I saw this picture somewhere on the net and it struck a chord in my memory but as you say I have a kinky little sissy brain know....goes "there" first!!!
      I may be twisted and depraved but I'm still lovable right!!!

      Sweet Pre-Christmas Kisses

    2. Beyond lovable sweet girl. Way, way beyond.

      Sweet Pre-Christmas Kisses Back Atcha,