Monday, December 15, 2014

Can't Place It

I heard him enter the room. I reached out with all my senses to try and figure out who he might be! I heard him come closer and I could smell his aftershave, very nice! I could hear him breathing as he slowly circled me! My humiliation at being exposed as a slutty sissy to this unknown man exciting me, making my little clit swell in it's cage!
Suddenly he was near my ear....
"You may not see me...Kaaren...but I've wanted you for a long time! When I'm done with you you will remember me, that I promise you!"
I knew the voice...I knew it...but I couldn't place it!!!!
He chuckled as I heard his zipper open! I could hear my wife catch her breath across the room as I felt the velvet head of a big cock brush my lips!!!!

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