Thursday, December 18, 2014

Sissy School - Not Funny

"Kaaren I was so proud when they let me lead the Oral Sex class for the new sissy girls! Why did you have to come in and make your silly remarks and disrupt the class?"
"I'm so sorry Leeanne! I thought it would be funny!"
"Let's see how funny you think it is while you're over my knee!"
"Leeanne I'm sure I deserve it and it was in no way my plan to end up being spanked by my best friend!"
"You're such a slut Kaaren!"
"You say that like it's a bad thing!"
"Not at skirt up, panties down and over my knee!"
"I thought you'd never ask!!!"


  1. If I didn't love you so much I'd probably hate you!

    1. I was kind of hoping you'd "correct" me in front of the class! Maybe next time!

  2. Teehee. I feel like Leeanne needs to spank you until your kicking and putting your hand back and begging Leeanne to stop Kaaren, otherwise Leeanne will just end up with a wet patch on her lap. ;-)


    1. That's exactly what I think too,,,and as for the wet patch well I;d be only to happy to lick up any inadvertent "spills" that might occur!!!!