Friday, December 5, 2014

Sissy School - Proof

When the young teacher stepped out of his bathroom he was surprised to find two of his students in his apartment!
"Kaaren! Leeanne, what are you sissies doing here! How did you get in?"
"Well Sir", said Sissy Kaaren, "when I was here for tutoring the other day I kind of borrowed your extra key!"
"And why would you do that Kaaren?"
"Well I knew my roommate Leeanne wouldn't believe me so I wanted her to see it for herself! I hope you don't mind?"
"I guess it's you like what you see Leeanne?"
"Very much sir!"
"Kaaren, please lock the door and then you can join us in the bedroom! Come along Leeanne...let's get acquainted!"


  1. Mmm.....would LOVE to get "acquainted" with that shaved (and gorgeous) cock...YUMMY !!!

  2. Kaaren! You're the bestest bestie! I love you!

    Sweet cum flavored kisses,


    1. Sweet cum flavored kisses are my favorite kind!!!