Sunday, November 6, 2016


Wearing my maid uniform and kneeling down to suck her lovers used to be humiliating but now I look forward to it!!!
But blindfolding me, collaring me and giving him the leash....that brings the humiliation level right back up to where it used to be!!!!


  1. queste sono le più belle e soavi umiliazioni che una sissy-maid possa ricevere...bella sexy e in ginocchio bendata vestita di tutto punto come una sexy femminuccia e con bel cazzo infilato in bocca...una meraviglia di punizione...non sapere chi hai di fronte che ti spinge a fare ricchi giochi di bocca saporiti accompagnandoti con le sue mani sulla testa è una delle cose che desidero di più...scoprire il grande amore solo con i sensi con l'odore il sapore il gusto il tatto delle labbra e la lingua...uhhmmm gustosissima punizione perversa e romantica allo stesso tempo baci baci baci !!

  2. How totally humiliating!! ~s

    1. But hot.....I would have been hard if I could get hard anymore....

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    3. I was hooded and face fucked by many of Madame's men friends on numerous occasions whilst Madame watched, laughing and encouraging.
      I begged and begged Madame to let me know who they were but Madame just laughed and to this day, although I have my suspicions, I still really don't know!
      Madame is gone now but how cruel and longlasting is Her humliation. When I meet any of her friends, I never know whether any mirth is at my expense.

      Clever, cruel, lifetime humiliation. Lovely, lovely Madame!

  3. Any time a sissy starts to enjoy what's happening too much, you definately have to up the ante and make it humiliating again. It can be a challenge but it's worth the effort.