Saturday, November 19, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 9 - Problems in Paradise

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It was a nagging thought that wouldn't go away.....
Why wonder? I know who I name is always has been....ever since I was a little.....girl? Why do I have no memories of being a little girl....she thought harder....but the only tiny flashes of memory were about a little boy....who was he....was he her friend, maybe her was all so hard to figure out....but every day there was was like a curtain was slowly being raised....

Susie and Ray were was becoming clear that although the physical changes by the machine were permanent it seemed that the mental changes were starting to wear off....they'd had several angry calls already....
"What are we going to do Ray? We've got a huge problem!!!"
"Wait a second Susie...what if we brought the "clients" back in for reprogramming? Kind of like a booster shot.....and we do it a a bargain price of 100K per booster.....we recommend yearly maintenance for all of them and we'll have a never ending revenue stream....we turn lemons into lemonade!!!"
Susie looked at him with new admiration....he always saw the way to turn problems around....she couldn't believe how easily he had come into her life and how he had helped her forget James....he was the first and surely he was in need of a booster by now but she had no idea to whom her erstwhile partner Tony had sold him!!!
"Alright Ray, lets get busy....we'll contact the oldest buyers first....they'll be the ones who are starting to get ....shaky...."
"What about yours Susie....aren't Bonny and the cat from the beginning....maybe we should do them first?"
"No, I don't want to unless I need to....neither one shows any sign of remembering who they were before yet....I'll know when they do but lets take care of the paying customers first!"
"You're right Susie....we got this....the "problem" is only going to make us richer than ever!!!"
They left the room....their laughter fading away as they walked further down the corridor....

"Are they gone?"
"Yes Claire they're gone...."
"Do you think they know that we're....back?"
"No....I don't think so....but soon we'll have our chance.....soon they'll pay..."
"Oh Bobby....I can't wait!!! you want know...."
"Claire you're a nasty pussycat...."


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