Saturday, November 5, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Country Bride

When he pulled her unconscious body from the wreck he was glad to see that she didn't seem to be badly hurt! Just a bump on the head, was all! When he got her inside the cabin and stripped off some of those clothes he was really surprised to find out that this gal was really a fella!!!
He sat and thought on it for a piece before he decided that even though she was a he....she was still pretty enough for least for a little while!!! It might even be a nice change to have someone that was a little different to play with....
He reached under the cot and fastened the cuffs around her wrists and ankles before going to get the horses to pull the wrecked car out back with the others....
This one might be fun....this one might have some fight in her....she was a guy after all....he hoped she'd last longer than the others....he dropped the car next to the small graveyard where he'd buried all his other brides....he was already feeling pretty excited when he heard the first cries for help coming from the cabin....he couldn't wait to get started!!!

1 comment:

  1. sai sempre stupire con le tue storie tra fantasia e moderno dottor frankenstein che trasforma dalla morte alla vita le sue creature...questa volta da giovani maschi a giovani ragazze creature...sperando che gli lasci il cazzo almeno...a me le femmine piacciono così !! baci baci baci sei un dolce tesoro !!