Saturday, November 12, 2016

Saturday Matinee - The Only Girl In The Game

Tony Martin was in trouble! He knew it and more importantly they knew it too!!!!
He had always been a gambler but he had never hit a losing streak like one ever hit a losing streak like this!!!!
He had lost everything!!!! His money, his car, his house and finally his wife and kids!!! He hoped they were OK....the man he'd lost them to had seemed a little unsavory....he still remembered his wife's anguished cries as they put her and the kids in that van....
Then he played for all he had left....he gambled on his manhood and when that was lost he thought he had nothing left to lose....he was wrong!!!!
As he sat on the table and watched the wheel had to be a one could lose so many times in a way would he be taken offshore to be used as a plaything for the rich men eying him just couldn't happen.....he sat on the table....23 Red.....that was what he needed....please god....let it be 23 Red....he would start winning again...he would win it all back....23 Red.....he never prayed harder....
The ball bounced as the wheel slowed and he saw it land....23 Red!!!! He was a winner!!! His luck had changed!!! He would get his wife and kids back!!! He would somehow become a man again!!!!
He didn't see the almost imperceptible movement of the croupier....but when he turned to look at the wheel he heard him say....
"14 Black!"
He shook as strong arms grabbed him....
"Wait....double or nothing!!!! One more spin!!!! I know I can win!!!! Please just one more spin!!!!"
"You got nothing left Tony....nothing....we own you now....get used to the idea....we're going to train you to make men happy...."
" that....."
"Look on the bright side least you'll be working with your wife....she's so looking forward to seeing you....."

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  1. i miei numeri preferiti sono il 23 ed il 69...!! ma rischiare di perdere al gioco la propria virilità...bhe se si potesse fare io lo farei sarebbe la prima volta che mi piace perdere al gioco !!! se posso però scegliere non vorrei perderla tutta...mi terrei solo le mie piccole e rosee palline ed il mio piccolo pisello da angioletto poi potete farmi quello che volete ma per favore le tette le voglio piccole appena accennate con grossi capezzoli sporgenti scuri e morbidi come le tettarelle dei biberon per lattanti...!! baci baci baci