Monday, November 28, 2016


I just want you to understand.....being caressed through your pretty little panties feels wonderful....if you do it yourself....well....if you're uncaged you will cum all over know you've done it too....hell I've done it thousands of times since I was a teenager.....before my sweetie wisely put my little clit in it's cage to get me under control....
But it's different when someone else rubs your panties....she doesn't do it much anymore, other than to make sure the cage is still secure....she knows there's nothing in the front of those panties that's of any use to her....
But when her lover does it.......when he rubs and cups me through my panties.....when he laughs at my response.....when he gives my aching balls an occasional squeeze.....when he tells me to be a "good girl"....I want to shrink away from embarrassment....I want to hide from his touch......I want to be deaf to his cruel laughter.....
I want to cum so so much!!!!


  1. ohh tesoro hai raccontato una cosa giustissima e meravigliosa...è vero sin da adolescenti quando indossavo mutandine femminili la mia voglia di essere accarezzata palpata come una donnina cresceva forte in me...ed ancora adesso quando ora mi vesto da sexy sissy e mia moglie ed il suo occasionale amante di accarezzano io impazzisco di ora ho solo voglie femminili il mio piccolo cazzo rimane spesso moscio nella sua gabbietta mentre io desidero solo essere ricoperta e riempita di crema bianca e calda dappertutto...dentro e fuori come una torta...!! viva i cazzi belli e duri e viva la lingerie femminile sexy !!! baci baci baci

  2. And when her lover plays with your nipples and laughs at you at the same time, you keep gasping and leaking sissy juice... but still can't cum.