Friday, November 4, 2016

It Wasn't Much Fun

While we were away I had expected some fun and games but this was a business trip for her and she laid down the rules when we got to the hotel....
If I left the room I had to be carefully dressed so I could a man!!!
I was not allowed to flirt with anyone in the hotel bar!!!!
I could leave the hotel if I wished but only if she checked that I was clothes!!!
I couldn't even wear a bra or panties outside of our room and I was always to have male clothes in the bathroom on a hanger in case I needed to change quickly!!!!
She told me that these were very important clients she was meeting with and that she couldn't afford to have even the slightest mistake!!!!
Although despite all her other rules I was to be dressed pretty for her when she got back to our room after her all day sessions working out contracts for sums so big that I can't even imagine!!!!
"Why did you even bring me here," I pouted "I would have been happier at home!!!"
"Poor Baby! I know this isn't much fun for you....but I really needed you here...this is a career make or break negotiation....and I needed to be at my put that Teddy down and come here and help me work off some of this know what I like!!!"
I do know what she likes and when I was finished my face was soaked with her juices and my jaw and tongue were almost numb....but she was relaxed and ready to sleep well....
Now we're home and the contracts are all signed and she's happy but exhausted....I'm still a little unhappy about the whole trip but if it made things easier for her then I guess it was worth a little discomfort for me!!!!


  1. No bra, no panties, and . . . ugh . . . pants? That is just cruel.

    1. It wasn't any fun at all!!! I didn't know she'd saved so many of my "man" clothes in the attic!!! But I was just cruel....I could maybe understand about the bra because they're pretty easy to spot through clothing....but I still should have been allowed to wear my panties!!!

  2. no piccole dolci sissy non dobbiamo fare capricci a volte non sempre ci piace tutto quello che la nostra padroncina ci organizza...non sempre siamo in forma perfetta...anche noi abbiamo i nostri piccoli fastidiosi cicli mensili...!! a volta gli ormoni femminili che prendono il sopravvento sempre più ci fanno essere un poco strane allergiche ipersensibili !!! scusateci se potete lo sapete il mondo femminile è un mondo a parte !!! grazie amore baci baci baci

  3. Hmmm, maybe once the bonus comes for her signing those contracts .. she can buy you a new dress and undergarments!

  4. What an unhappy sissy! ~sara