Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Game Day

The argument had gone on for so long....neither one bending to the other!!! Inside they were both afraid....was this the end....they still loved each other....if only they could see it from each others point of view....they both thought it at the same time and turned to each other....and they both said in unison....
"I wish you could be me and then you'd understand!!!!"
There was a flash and  the lights dimmed and suddenly they were in each others bodies!!!
Moments of shock followed by cries of "What happened....what are we gonna do...."!
The next day was game day and they quickly decided that they would keep this a secret just between them until they figured out what happened!
She helped him suit up as the star running bask and she helped him as the top cheerleader and after going over a few plays and a few cheers they headed for the game...
It was generally agreed after the game that there were two memorable things about that game.....the running game was never better....the star was surely on his way to the NFL after his 200+ yard performance.....they'd never seen a man run with such speed and agility....his moves were almost graceful in the way he avoided the tackles!!!
The other memorable thing was the almost pornographic performance by the top cheerleader who for some reason couldn't seem to keep her hands off of her breasts and seemed to be constantly "adjusting" herself under her skirt....
They never figured out how to change back but they found after some time that they really didn't want to!!!!

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  1. cosa c'è di più eccitante che essere ammessa nella squadra delle cheerleader con mini gonnellini svolazzanti e mutandine bianche con le piccole corte maglie che mostrano ogni tua curva ogni tua forma ogni tua voglia di stupire di piacere di essere ammirata sopra e sotto la gonna...!! grazie amore baci baci baci