Tuesday, May 5, 2015

For A Moment

She said it would be exciting...and it was! A public hallway in a big hotel in just a bra, stockings and heels!!! And the big plug too!!!! Taking a few steps in a public place, exposed like this, my fear of public exposure and the thrill of the potential humiliation causing my little clit to drip on the carpet! I was grateful she hadn't seen that or she would have me licking it up!!!
Fear finally overcame desire and I turned back just in time to see the room door close!!!! I rushed to the door and found it locked...I knocked softly....
"Who is it?"
"Please honey please let me in!"
"Oh are you locked out....that's a shame...you should always make sure to take your key with you!"
I heard voices and a door close somewhere on the floor!
"Please....please I think someones coming....please let me in!!!"
"I'll call the desk for you and they can send up a boy to let you in!"
"Please, please let me in....please..."
"OK Sissy, don't wet yourself...I'll let you in...count to one hundred and I'll open the door!"
"No no Sissy, use the elephants!"
"One elephant, two elephants, three elephants....please please someone will catch me like this!!!"
"Then stop wasting time and keep counting...don't skip ahead I'll be listening!!!"