Sunday, May 31, 2015

Taking That Cherry

"Alright Sissy, now that you understand that you'll be in panties from now on it's time for you to understand where you fit in in our household! I. of course, am in charge! You will obey me without question! My maid Fiona comes next, you should know that Fiona was once my husband too but she makes a much better maid than a man! So Fiona is your superior and who knows, if you please us maybe some day you will be a personal maid for me too!!!!
"Me....a maid...I don't understand..."
"Of course you don't Sissy! We haven't even begun to train you yet...why neither Fiona or i have penetrated you yet! I'll be taking that cherry tonight and after that Fiona can have you when she wishes, Won't you like that Fiona?"
"Oh yes Ma'am, I can hardly wait!"

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