Saturday, May 23, 2015

Saturday Matinee - The Gate

Troy Carter and his assistant. Tommy Dillon stood staring at the device! It was obviously built for a person to step through judging by the footpads and the dimensions!
After tossing a few rocks through and watching them disappear only to reappear three minutes later they stepped forward to examine it more closely!
"I'm going to go through it Tommy!"
"No Troy, we don't know anything about it!"
"I have to try it! Who might lead to anywhere!"
"No Troy!" screamed Tommy as the scientist stepped into it and with a crackle of electricity and a whiff of ozone he vanished!!!
Tommy started the stopwatch and waited the three minutes and despaired when Troy did not re-appear!
He waited for roughly an hour before he started to pack up to leave the site where they had found the device! As he turned to go he heard it come to life and a strangely familiar woman came out of the electrical glare!
"I'm back!!! Oh thank god I'm back!!! Oh my god that you? How can you still be here after all these months?"
Suddenly Tommy realized why the woman was so familiar!
"Troy? Is that you?!?!?!? How...Why....."
"How long has it been Tommy? How long since I passed through?"
"Just a few minutes, what happened how did this..."
"I've been gone for 10 months Tommy! Time is different there! They have no women of their own Tommy! None of their own!!! They've set these traps all around the world! If they catch a woman they breed them, but if they catch a man they change them like they changed me and use them for their sick pleasures! Warn the world Tommy Warn the.....Oh No!!!! Oh please god NO!!!!!"
Tommy stood dumbfounded as large green hands reached through and pulled Troy back!!!! His screams mixed with the electrical sparks and in a whiff of ozone he was gone!!!!

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  1. "...use them for their sick pleasures!" Sounds like quite a story. Perhaps those green hands will snag Tommy and pull him in. After he's transformed, the two Earthlings will have to perform together for the amusement of their captors.