Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I Warned You

"I warned you if I caught you in your sisters things again I'd punish you! So you just stay here in her room and don't even think of taking those clothes off! Imagine! A boy wearing his sisters bra and panties!!!"
"You want to dress like a girl then you stay in here and you can play with her dolls like a little girl!"
"When your sister get's home we'll let her decide whether or not you get a spanking too!!!"
When his mother shut the door  he was so relieved! If he hadn't had that doll she might have seen how excited he was getting; more so with every word!!! He hoped his sister decided on a spanking! His bottom was tingling in anticipation!!!


  1. I am betting that this scenario has played out way more in setting up a fetish than we have ever given thought of .. perhaps they should do a clinical study?!?

    1. It didn't quite play out this way for me but oh how I wished it had!!!!!!