Wednesday, May 6, 2015


He pinned her arms above her head with one hand and slid his other up under her dress! He was treating her like a common tramp! She squirmed in a half-hearted attempt to escape his grasp as his hand explored her thighs and the beautiful pussy between them! She groaned in pleasure as he took her, used her! Soon it would be time! Soon her eyes would open! Soon she would gasp as her first orgasm of the night would come! Soon she'd look at her cuckold husband, watching and waiting!
"Suck his cock Sissy! Taste him before he fucks me!!!"
Rushing to his knees Sissy was happy to comply! Somehow it didn't matter how many times they played out this scene, none of them ever tired of it!!!


  1. nice short caption with a lot of punch......

    1. High praise from one of the best bloggers out there!
      If you haven't been to "Captions by Alexis" you don't know what you're missing!!!! Click the link to the left on my blog and enjoy!!!

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    1. Thanks sweetie! For those of you that don't know Throne is a prolific short story writer who posts frequently on Fictionmania! Definitely worth it to seek out and enjoy a few stories...make sure you have a dry pair of panties to change into when you're done!!!!

  3. And thank YOU, Kaaren. Always happy to see reviews of my efforts on Love that feedback.