Wednesday, May 20, 2015

So Far

So far no one had really noticed, but Sissy was getting worried. How much longer would she be? Why had she taken my jacket when she already had her own? Why did I have to come to the Mall at all when all she wants me to do is wait here???
Finally Sissy felt the need to text her wife!
"How much longer?"
After a moment Sissy's phone rang!
"What are you asking me about Sissy?"
"Please Ma'am, how much longer will you be....people are starting to notice me here!"
"Oh my goodness Sissy I forgot all about you! I'm just about to pull into our driveway!"
"Oh no!!!! How will I get home???"
"Well Sissy I think if you'll look in the little pocket on your apron you'll find bus fare! I'll be waiting for you at the bus stop!"
"Oh my god I can't do that!!! How can you ne so cruel?"
"Cruel!!!! I said I'd meet you at the bus stop didn't I???? But if you think I'm cruel then you can just walk home from the bus stop!!!! It's only a few blocks!!!"
"Wait I didn't mean to....hello....hello....hello..."


  1. Maybe the sissy will get lucky and some helpful guy will offer her a ride. And then...

  2. Ha ha! help! ...