Wednesday, May 27, 2015

You Just Don't Understand

"But Daddy..."
"Don't you "But Daddy" me young lady I don't want you spending time with him...he's a hoodlum!"
"You just don't understand girls Daddy!"
"You just go to your room and think over the choices you've made!!!"
"Alright but you'll see..."
She went to her room and pulled the Book of Dark Magic from it's hiding place! Finding the spell she wanted she waited for the opportune time...

One moment he was having a beer in the den and suddenly he was here!!! Oh my god!!!! What the hell is happening!!!!
Before he could say or do anything her boyfriend grabbed her head and began roughly fucking her mouth!!! And somewhere in this strange body, his daughters body, he felt the desire, he felt the heat begin to grow!!!

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