Saturday, May 16, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Love Slaves

Come see the true story of Doctor Arthur Perry! Captured and abused by the Amazons!
The Amazons, a tribe of wild women who live deep in the jungle! Each one is as beautiful a she is deadly!
See the despair of Doctor Perry....the only man left alive after the Amazons took his party prisoner!!"
Imagine his horror when he realized that he was the only male in their village!
Imagine the unspeakable acts he was forced to perform!
Imagine his relief when rescue finally came!!!
See his re-capture the following year and his harrowing escape after serving his Amazon mistresses for months!
See him re-captured again when he went back for unknown reasons!!!!
Imagine where he is now after the last rescue party called off their search!!!
They say that at night in the jungle you can still hear him screaming!!!!