Thursday, May 7, 2015

New Home

Their new home was perfect! It was exactly what they wanted, far from the city, surrounded by nature's glory! They had expressed concerns about wildlife in the area and the realtor had assured them that there were bears in the area but as long as they followed some simple precautions they'd be fine!!!
"What kind of precautions?"
"Never leave food or garbage outside, always check through a window before going out at night and if you see bear cubs stay away because the mama will be close by!!!"
"That seems reasonable, we can do that!"
"Oh and never leave any nightgowns or lingerie lying around! There's one particular bear,,,we call him Darlene...well you'll probably see him at some point!!!"
They really didn't believe him and laughed it off but on the first laundry day when they left their sorted clothes in the bedroom while they ate lunch...well now they understood!!!!