Sunday, May 31, 2015

Which One

"Hello Sissies! Your wives have been generous enough to lend you to me for the evening to serve at my party! Put your things in the guest bedroom at the top of the stairs . I've laid out two outfits! One of you will be doing general Sissy Maid duties while the other will be used as a toy for my guests to amuse themselves! Which one is which I leave completely up to you!"
The two sissies stood quietly! Not sure what to say or do!
""Get going right now! Kaaren! Leeanne! I expect you back down here in 15 minutes for my inspection!"
Both sissies bolted for the stairs! Each one certain of the role they wished to play! It was going to be an interesting evening!!!


  1. I can't believe you beat me to the red corset! It wasn't fair pushing me down the stairs!

    1. Little innocent me!!!! Push you!!!! No I think you tripped in those heels you were wearing and I only took the red because I know what a truly beautiful sissy maid you are!!!!