Saturday, December 5, 2015

He Put It In

When he put it in me I thought he was splitting me in half!!!! I wailed and begged him to take it out but he ignored me and pushed it deeper inside me!!!! My wife was looking on and she seemed more amused than concerned that this man was fucking me while I was sobbing!
Slowly though....slowly as he began pumping in and out the pain turned to pleasure and soo I was really enjoying each and every stroke!!!!
Suddenly he pulled it out of me and I felt so empty as my hips kept rocking back and forth in the rhythm that he'd been pumping me moments before!
"I think your Sissy husband is ready now!"
"Yes I think so too....I can't wait to see it!"
I didn't realize till I felt a giant hot cock pressing in to me that everything else had just been the warm-up! He slid inside me as I moaned!!!! So nice!!!!


  1. Kaaren, as a subbie one of my secret fantasies is to have my wife or girlfriend, help a tgirl stick her cock in me. I'd also like to have her order me to grab the tgirls cock, and carefully point it at her pussy and then push it in. I think it is so amazingly submissive, when I'm forced to help someone fuck my partner, or my partner willing helps someone fuck me!

    Have you ever had an experience like that with your partner?


  2. This is how a sissy becomes a Size Queen. And the addiction will never go away.