Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Gypsy Justice

"So what?" Ron Wilson said to his friend Tony Billings as they shared a drink at the bar.
"So what if I made promises to her...she's just a gypsy girl....I'm not the first man to make her promises just to get her into my bed!"
"But you could have treated her better, I think she really liked you!"
"She was just another gypsy girl...nothing special....the next carnival that comes to town will have another one!"
"But still you didn't have to be so mean...."
"I just told her that she should go back to her Mama, I'd never take a slut like her into my home!!!"
"So mean Ron....what did she say?"
"You know I expected her to try to slap me or something but instead she smiled at me and gave me a kiss and she said that I was the slut!"
"That's all?"
"Yeah can you believe it?"
The two friends parted and Tony forgot all about it!
Over the next two weeks Ron Wilson tried to deny the changes that were happening to his his mind!!! It was like a second personality had taken over and all he could do was watch!!!! His body changed and curves appeared where there had been none and worse still his manhood slipped into his body leaving a woman in it's place!!!
Finally the desires were too much to fight and he went to a bar and invited every man there to take him! The line at his house stretched out the door!!!! In the haze of his pleasure he realized the man with him was Tony....he wanted to scream for help as the man relentlessly took him but all he could say was "Yes....More!"
Then he saw her....bringing another jug of gypsy wine for the men! The same gypsy wine that had acted like an aphrodisiac for him!!!! She smiled at him as another man took Tony's place.
"Who's the slut now?" she said laughing!!!!

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