Monday, December 14, 2015

Monday ManCandy

There was once a time where the prevailing medical opinion was that children prone to sore throats should have their tonsils removed. Nowadays in our more enlightened times we realize all the good things tonsils do for us....and one of their most important functions is to serve as a target for a hot, creamy,  delicious serving of ManCandy!!!
ManCandy!!!! Aim for success and swallow the rewards!!!!


  1. You should probably be careful, sometimes your stuff borders on not so good and this is one where you could probably make a better caption. I generally love your imagination but . . .

    1. My anonymous friend, my first thought was to make a really snarky reply but I know what my wife would thanks for reading my blog and I'm sorry this one disappointed you....I hope you'll like them better in the future!

      Happy Holidays

  2. Maybe you didn't understand it is the reference to children - thanks for not making a snarky reply because I wish I was a brave as you. But the child references I don't know they seem off.