Saturday, December 12, 2015

Saturday Matinee - A New Life

"But I want to stay with you!!!!"
"You know that you can't my sweet little girl, I've told you from the beginning that this day would come."
"But Madame....what's to become of me?"
"You're going to live with a very rich man who has paid me and these nice gentlemen a huge amount of money to bring you to him! Remember all I've taught you...please him in whatever way he wishes and you'll be fine!!!"
The two men grabbed her and pulled her roughly to their van with Madame following! Sliding open the door they saw a bound blindfolded figure struggling against his bonds!!!!
"So who is this?" Madame asked.
"City Councilman Andrews! The boss wants him transformed and then he wants him's a kind of personal grudge I think....and after seeing what you did with the DA here I think the Boss will be happy!"
They strapped the struggling Councilman to the waiting wheelchair and helped the transformed man into his seat and as the van drove away her victim was blowing her kisses through the window!!!


  1. A Saturday Matinee TG version of the origin story of Two Face from Batman? I'm on board!

    1. Thanks Dee! As always I appreciate your support for the matinee!!!