Saturday, December 19, 2015

Saturday Matinee - Against His Will Part 2

As she stepped over his body she checked that the bonds and the transformation suit were properly in place! She hadn't planned for this but this is what she had to do, wasn't it?

She had been startled by the sound of a car pulling into their secluded driveway and throwing a robe on over her black lingerie she ran to see who it was!
Bobby Thompson! Why was he here again? She pulled open the door and he pushed his way in without waiting for an invitation!
"Alright Susie, I checked out your story and Jim's father died 4 years ago! I don't want to make anything on the record about this and I haven't told anybody but I need to know! What's going on Susie? Where is your husband?"
Thinking fast she let her robe fall open as she put her face in her hands and sobbed!
"He's left me Bobby, He left me for another woman!"
He put his arms around her to comfort her although after the glance he had at her body he was becoming decidedly uncomfortable himself!
"Oh Susie...I'm so sorry to hear that...I had no idea...."
At that moment a plan formed in her mind!
"Come upstairs with me Bobby, I've been so lonely and I need a friend!"
She let her robe fall to the floor.
"Susie, we've always been friends and you know I'm married and I...."
Her kiss silenced his objections and he followed her to his friends bedroom! Men are so easy to manipulate....look how easy it is to get this bastard to cheat on his loving wife!!! He deserves it just as much as my husband!!!
It was while he was in the throes of orgasm that she injected him with the first drug!!!!
Paralyzed he couldn't stop her as she put him into the transformation suit and bound him tightly.
"I'm sorry Bobby, I never planned this for anyone else but my cheating husband! He's in the last stages now....his body is transformed the machine is reprogramming his mind....he used to be your friend Jim but now he's going to be my little bitch slave Jamie! I want you to know I'm sorry for what I'm going to do to you but I can't have you ruining my plans....and now that I think of it...after you're transformed you and Jamie can both serve me...won't that be nice Bobby? Maybe Bonny would be a better name! Yes I think that would be best! I'll put you on the machine as soon as Jamie is done! She can help me move you!!!"
Her laughter filled the house sending chills down the paralyzed man's spine!!!!