Monday, December 14, 2015

How Many Men

How many men get to see this? I love to watch her get fucked senseless by a big cock and sometimes she watches me too!!!
I get to see her face and body convulse in pleasure...I get to see her cum...over and over...and I get to clean up after....then later I get to snuggle close to her and kiss her goodnight and feel her warm body against me...and in my dreams that big cock is mine....and there's no cage and...I can have a man has a woman....not a sissy but a real man....and sometimes that's enough and I wake with very wet panties and a stained sheet....


  1. I've been able to watch my self as my boy friend video his beautiful cock sliding in and out of me.We watched the next after noon what he had videoed and it got me so excited that i want him an i could see he wanted me to. He kept telling me how great my pussy-ass is he loves how tight it holds his cock he say it takes everything he's got to keep from cumming right away.I love the feel of him as he slowly enters me the waves of pleasure that rush through my body from each forward thrust. Its like his cock was made just for my pussy-ass and he's said the same about my pussy-ass that its like it was made just for his cock.I love it when he's slowly making love to me feeling his cock get even bigger throbbing and expanding as my pussy-ass holds him tightly not wanting to let him free as i feel the first powerful blast of his hot sticky cream splash the walls deep in side of my pussy-ass sending me over the edge of no return. I have the most intense orgasm from his cock i don't have to touch my clit to cum i cum every time just from the pleasure of his cock sliding in and out of me. All i have to do is just think about that video he made of us. Playing it over in my mined watching him his cock drive into me i start to feel the tingling the emptiness deep in my pussy-ass an wanting to feel the fullness of him deep into me God i can't wait for him to get home!

    1. Thanks so much for your I have to go put on dry panties!!!!!