Monday, December 28, 2015

Sissy School - A Different Lesson

Sissy Leeanne stared at her roommate as they were both unsnapping their bras in front of the class of first year gurls....
"But Kaaren we're supposed to demonstrate how to hook your own bra!!!"
"I was thinking they could figure that out for themselves...we did...why don't we demonstrate the effects of oral stimulation of the nipples instead....we're dressed for it already?"
"What exactly did you have in mind?"
"Well I was thinking you could lay down on the teachers desk and I could nibble and suck on your sweet nipples for the next forty minutes or so...until the bell rings....and you could explain how it makes you feel to the class!!! What do you think?"
"So you'll be sucking on my tits for the next forty minutes while a class full of young sissies watches, that's your idea?"
"Yeah that's it!!!!!"

"Class we're going to have a demonstration of oral stimulation of the nipples instead of the planned lesson today....Sissy Kaaren has generously offered to demonstrate her technique so please, no talking and pay attention!!!"
"Ready Leeanne?"
"I was ready five minutes ago Kaaren!!!"

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