Friday, December 4, 2015

Oh Sweetheart That's Not Nice

The young man ran excitedly home!!!! Bursting through the door he alarmed his parents who urged the young man to sit and catch his breath!!!!
Gulping for air and a little wild eyed he took the water from his worried mother and managed to drink a bit!!!
"So what's all the fuss sweetie?" she said rubbing his back.
"I was in the woods out back....and I saw the new guy from next door....he's not like us...he's a fairy...he's a fairy and I saw him!!!"
"Oh sweetie that's not a very nice thing to say about our new neighbor no matter what you may have seen!"
"But....a fairy....really a fairy!!!!"
"That's about enough of that son!" said his father sternly. "I won't have that kind of talk in this house!"
"But I saw it!!!! I saw it!!! He's a real Fairy god damn it!!!"
"You just march to your room Mister and you stay there! You are grounded for a week!"
"But that's not fair!!! He's really a...."
"To your room now!!!!
They may be punishing him but he knew what he saw!!!!