Friday, February 26, 2016


"Sissy, I've decided to let you cum tonight!"
"That's wonderful....thank you so much!!!!"
"But there are a couple of conditions...."
"Oh please, whatever it is I'll do it....please I need it so badly!!!!"
"Well the first condition is that there will be no stroking....sissies aren't allowed to stroke their little clits....sissies are only allowed to stroke real mens cocks!!!"
"Okay...I agree!!!!"
"Second, you will cum like a will make yourself cum while fucking yourself on a nice thick dildo!!!!"
"Oh my god're driving me crazy....of course I agree!"
"Finally you will be fucking yourself on a big dildo on a chair while several of my girl friends and their guys watch!!!!"
"Oh my god....Strangers watching me....fucking myself on a big dildo....making myself cum.....I....I just don't know....I would be so humiliated......I don't know if I can...."
"Alright then Sissy, we'll talk about letting you cum in another 6 weeks...."


  1. Are you trying to recruit other sissies now? That gif is oddly mesmerizing! As it is, I'm betting it took you a few hours to even post this!

    1. You'd be surprised at how little stimulation it takes after 6 weeks in the cage!!!!
      AS for recruitment well I'm always least if she let's me!!!!

  2. You mean there are other ways to cum? :)