Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who Are You

The dreams were erotic and he felt the pleasure even after he woke up!!!!
Looking down he saw why!!!!
"Who are you!!!! How did you get in here!!!!"
"Take it easy Jeffrey....I'm the Tooth Fairy!!!"
"The Tooth Fairy? I haven't lost a tooth since I was seven!"
"I know....remember how disappointed you were when you woke up the next morning and the tooth was gone but there wasn't any money left...."
"Oh yeah I forgot all about that!"
"Well I didn't....and I promised one day I'd make it up to you so here I am!!! Now lay back and enjoy!!!"
Jeffrey laid back down and enjoyed the services of his neighbor, third time this week...he was such a sissy but he sucked a cock like no one else and if he wanted to pretend to be a fairy....well that was OK with him!!!

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