Saturday, February 13, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Womens Barracks

A wacky WW II comedy!!!! Watch what happens when a all-American red-blooded man gets accidentally assigned to a WAC unit!!!!
See the girls in uniform take him under their wing and make him into the little sister of all of them!!!
See the girls teach him about men...the way they see them!!!!
See the girls teach him how to use feminine wiles to get what he wants!!!
See his reaction when the Captain shows his interest!!!!
See the girls show him how to behave on a date with a man....especially if he wants a second date!!!
See the girl that falls in love with him...only she wants the girl version!!!!
See everyone's reaction when the truth finally comes out!!!!!
Women's Barracks....It's a laugh-a-minute side-splitting comedy that will have you yearning to be a girl too!!!!


  1. So does this star Jimmy Stewart? Danny Kaye? Mickey Rooney?

    Somehow I could see this being an actual movie!

    1. You know Dee....after I wrote it I started to wonder if perhaps this was a movie I might have actually seen!!!!
      Thanks for spending Saturday afternoons with me!!!! I always wonder if anyone really likes these as much as I enjoy creating them!!!