Sunday, February 28, 2016


He was asleep when I crept into the guest room.....pulling the covers back revealed the prize I thought would be there.....he stirred a little and I froze in place, my eyes darting between his face and his wonderful cock!!!!!
Soon he settled again and I slowly crawled onto his bed....between his legs and I gave his balls a little lick....his breathing remained regular and his eyes stayed closed....I took his beautiful cock in my mouth and just held it there....he still didn't stir...soon I was sucking him...his hard cock twitching in my mouth....but I kept an eye on him and although his face showed that he was feeling the pleasure I never saw his eyes open....not once!!!!
When he came in my mouth it was all I had hoped it would be...thick cream shooting into my throat, coating my tongue, filling me with my tasty reward!!!!
After licking a stray drop or two that I somehow hadn't swallowed I quietly slipped from the bed and tiptoed to the door....with any luck my wife would still be asleep....but she might taste her cousin on my lips when she kissed me in the morning!!!!!

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