Tuesday, February 23, 2016


She always tried to surprise me but whenever she gagged me like this I knew that I would be getting her strap on and I rubbed my thighs together in anticipation!!!
She reached into her "toy drawer" and pulled out the big black strap-on and showed it to me!
As she slipped it into place she was more talkative than usual!
"Sissy....I think you need to take a big black cock inside you tonight....I think a big black cock is what you really need right now,,,,,a big black cock filling you up....making you feel like the sissy girl you are.....look at my big black cock sissy.....I know you want it....I know you want it inside you....splitting you open....making you my girl....my special girl......do you want a big black cock inside you tonight Sissy?"
Oh my god.....after listening to that....it was what I wanted more than anything....I couldn't speak but I nodded with all the enthusiasm I could muster!!!!!
"Then you're going to have a very good night Sissy!!!!"
That's when I felt the strong hands gripping my shoulders from behind and something very big pressing against me!!!!
She sat stroking her cock as he began pushing into me!!!!
"Enjoy it Sissy....I know I will!!!"

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