Saturday, February 27, 2016

Saturday Matinee - A Long Way From Home

"I have located one....based on the information given it appears to be a female of the species....I will retrieve for our breeding program!"
" stay away....I'm not a girl...I was just wearing my sisters clothes.....leave me alone....someone help me!!!"
"Specimen has been might require sedation...please advise?"
"Sedation is recommended! We don't want to damage it!!! Return it to the ship and we'll put it in a stasis chamber until we get home!"
"'m a boy....I'm a boy....just look....I'm a...."
"Specimen has been sedated!!!"
When the boy opened his eyes he saw a man sitting by him....they were in a lighted room. it seemed like it had all the comforts of home....if you were rich that is!
"You OK Kid? When they dumped you in here with me I thought you were dead!"
"Yes. I guess I'm OK, where am I ?"
"I don't know the name of the planet kid  but we're a long way from home!"
"What do these monsters want? What is this place?"
"Well kid...I think we're on display in some kind of zoo....I know there are crowds of these aliens passing by and staring at me all the'll get used to it after a while....I don't even notice them now!"
"But, why am I here! If they already had you what did they want me for?"
"Well kid....judging from your clothes, when they caught you you were playing a little dress-up game....unfortunately they took you as a female to....uh....breed with me!!!"
"Yeah kid you got a hard choice to make and you've got to make it fast.....if you don't drop your panties and....mate....with me....they'll see no reason to keep you and there are a lot of other exhibits here and some of them aren't picky about what they eat!"
"But you wouldn't want to .....with me....would you?"
"Kid!!! I've been here for 4 years.....I'm not passing up any opportunity!!!!!"
He sat trapped....millions of miles from home.....with no good choices....but one was obviously better than the other and as he reached up under his skirt to pull down his panties he asked....
"Can we at least turn out the lights?"
"Sorry kid....they control the lights and judging by the crowd they really want to watch this! Oh and one more thing kid..."
"What....what more...."
"They didn't give us any kind of lubricant so you're going to have to take care of that too!!!!"
"Oh my god!!!!"
"Better get started Kid...the crowds getting restless!!!"
He closed his eyes as he sank to his knees!!!

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