Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Analyst Digs Deeper

I arrived promptly as I always did! I wondered which of my fetishes my analyst was going to try to unravel today!!!!
The receptionist showed me right into the special exam room where all my sessions were held and I found Dr.Dee waiting in an unexpected outfit!!!!
"Hello Kaaren, I see you're here on time as that because you're a stickler about punctuality or just afraid I might scold and spank you?"
"Well to be honest Dr. Dee if I knew there was a spanking involved I might have stopped and had a cup of coffee on the way!"
"Well we'll see next time then, today I want to delve into your Latex fetish....your need to wear tight fitting Latex dresses like this one....your desire to be encased in the body hugging material....I brought you a pink latex dress for you to wear while we peel away the layers to try to get to the root of this fetish!!! Who knows where this will lead....perhaps all the way back to when you were an infant....I can't wait to get started!"
"Um...Dr. Dee....I don't have a latex fetish...."
"WHAT!!!! Oh my god let me look into your file again.....oh my goodness Kaaren there's a page from another patients file in with yours!!!! I'm so sorry....I'll re-schedule our session....I apologize for wasting your time!!!"
"Wait....Dr. Dee.....I kind of like the feel of this dress....let's not be so hasty....maybe this is something we should explore!!!"
"Oh my god Kaaren....I've created a new fetish haven't I?
"You say that like it's a bad thing!!!"


  1. I think Dr Dee is simply pulling your levers and adding yet another layer of submissive debauchery

    1. There's already layer upon layer upon layer....another one wouldn'y even be noticed....and who doesn't love getting something new to play with!!!!

  2. Luckily I can still wear this dress to the garden tea party I'm holding later on today.

    And God help anyone in my office that ended up with one of YOUR pages in their file! Maybe I'll have the receptionist make a few copies of your records that I can randomly distribute through the stacks.

    1. I'm sure all your patients would enjoy learning new things!!!!