Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Rang Up

The cashier smiled at me as she rang up my purchases, I smiled back and handed her my credit card! She hesitated for a moment as she looked at the name on the card and then swiped it through! I had to remember to sign it correctly too!
She looked over my purchases and asked if I wanted them gift wrapped....
"No thanks." I said, "I think I'll wear them home!"


  1. So lovely to not try to hide from who you are sweetie.



  2. Ha ha... i know! :) sara

  3. Victoria knows MANY secrets! My daughter was always amazed when we'd go bra shopping for her there and she'd look at lingerie and say, "how much do you think THAT is?" and I was usually within 3 dollars. "you are really good at this game Daddy! So would you wear the pink or the blue one? I think Blue is more your color!"