Friday, February 19, 2016

How Long

"How long has it been now Sissy....4...5 days?"
"36 days Sweetheart! It's been 36 days!!!"
"Oh I'm sure you're know if you lie to me I'll add on two more how long has it been?"
"4 or 5 days's just that it feels like 36 days since I last had an orgasm....I must have been mistaken!!!!"
"Quite right Sissy! I think maybe another two weeks and we'll talk about it again!!! Do you agree?"
"You always know what's best for me Sweetheart!"


  1. Oh Kaaren that is such a wicked bit of writing and such a gorgeous gif to tease is with. xxxx

  2. This brings up one of my favorite themes... the woman being unfair to the sissy. Even making 'him' agree with her intentional mistakes. And you certainly captured the perfect tone for her to use.