Friday, February 12, 2016

Oh My God

"Oh my god!!!! What happened?"
"Well the doorbell rang and when I opened the door two men in ski masks burst in!!!! I struggled with them but they were too strong for me!!!!"
"What did they want Sissy?"
"I asked them that over and over and they just laughed at me!!!! They dragged me to the bedroom and pulled up my dress and pulled off my panties....they ripped them....those pretty pink ones....with the ruffled back and the ribbon know the ones I mean...."
"I'll buy you new panties Sissy!!!! What happened then?"
"They threw me on the bed and they both fucked me....they took turns....whichever one wasn't fucking me had his cock in my mouth!!!!"
"Oh Sissy!!!!"
"They each had me....over and over....I'm still a little sore..."
"Was it like you imagined Sissy?"
"Yes but please do something for me..."
"Anything for my special girl!"
"Could you send them again in a couple of days....maybe get another guy to join them...."
"You are such a slutty Sissy!!!!"


  1. I'm sure she put up a FURIOUS struggle!

    1. Yes Dee it was quite a struggle but as I said they were bigger than me and eventually I had to give in and allow them to leave!!!!!