Wednesday, February 17, 2016


"I just need a second to send this picture to my husband....he'll go crazy when he sees it!!!!"
"Are you trying to make him jealous?"
"Oh yeah....he'll be so jealous that I got to suck you and he didn't!!!! When he gets this pic he'll probably cream in his panties!!!!"
" can tell me about that's not polite to talk with your mouth full!!!!"


  1. So many ways to play with the mind of a sissy husband. I came up with one that you might enjoy in a new story for It's called SISSY SISTERS' PARADISE and should appear tomorrow. Hope some of you readers will leave reviews there.

    1. Wonderful story Throne!!!! I really liked it!!!!
      Anyone who reads my blog should click here:
      You'll probably have to cut and paste the link but it's well worth it!!!
      But don't forget to come back to me sweet readers!!! I miss you when you're not here!!!

  2. Oh my. Thanks so much for your kind words here and that sweet review on Fictionmania. Your readers might also want to check out SISSY SISTER SURPRISES, one of my earlier ones on FM.