Saturday, February 6, 2016

Saturday Matinee - To Find The Truth

"Did you kill him? she asked her lover as he came into her boudoir.
"Yes! He tried yo use the ray on me and I was able to shoot first! I got lucky!"
He turned and leveled his gun at her!
"Darling....what are you doing!!!! Please put that down!!!! You're scaring me!!!"
"Before he died he told me something and I need to know if its true!"
"I don't know what you mean!!!!"
"He pointed out that the day I met you, his assistant disappeared...that little unnatural hunchback that was always eyeing me. The one who rubbed against me ! The one that I had beaten and told never to come near me!!! He said that his ray could have been used....he laughed and said that if I wanted to spend my life with a disgusting creature like that in my arms I was welcome to it!!! That's when he reached for his ray pistol and I put a bullet into his deranged brain!!!"
"I don't know what you want me to say!!! He was lying!!! You know that don't you...please put the gun down!!!!"
He looked at her was the eyes that gave it away....those large pleading eyes.....and now when he looked at her he saw only a drooling little hunchback, so ugly it was hard to believe he had been born of human parents!!!!
"You tricked me into killing a man for you!!!! You twisted horrible little man!!!! I should shoot you right here!!!"
"But I did it for us....I always knew we should be together...put that gun down and take me in your arms!"
The sound of a single shot  echoed in the night!!!!

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