Friday, March 11, 2016

A Quick Update

I was asleep until about 25 minutes ago....glorious restful sleep and it was so nice....then they came to take another goddamned blood sample....who takes a blood sample in the dark from a sleeping patient!!!! This place is full of Nurse Dracula's and Dr, Frankenstein's.

They gave me a pint of blood when I got here and I swear they've taken at least that much back!!!

On the plus side they say I'll be going home tomorrow barring anything coming up....I guess like finding my blood drained body on the bed.....

I'm having a slight fuzzy vision problem in my left eye but apparently that's where my head hit the corner of the table and the neuro-opthamalogist and the just plain neurologist agree that it's probably temporary and will pass in a few days!

I'll try to update more when I get home and damn it if they come for more of my blood they're going to have to fight me for it!!!


  1. Just found your blog a few days ago. I hope you get better soon. :)Its not fun being in hospital.

    1. Annabelle....that's a truly lovely name.....I should be home later this afternoon and hope to maybe get a post up tonight!!!
      Please stay with me, it's not always this melodramatic around here!!!