Saturday, March 5, 2016

Saturday Matinee - Wo-Fan and the Coils of Death

Wo-Fan slipped away laughing!!! "Goodbye Mr. Smythe....Goodbye Mr. Caruthers!"
"Oh my god....Smythe...that snake....what are we going to do!!!!"
"Well Caruthers if I was you I'd pray that it killed me after what that fiend did to you!!!"
"I know he's changed me Smythe but we'll worry about that later....what can we do now....can you get loose...I seem to be weaker now that...I'm a ....."
"Woman....Caruthers....Now that you're a woman....good lord I can't think of a worse fate than being transformed into a weak, little, helpless woman!!!! We're both better off dead"
"Smythe...get over what If I have soft beautiful skin and golden blonde tresses!!!! So what if I have beautiful perky breasts and silky smooth thighs!!!! So what if I feel that deep desire, that wanton lust that makes me quiver...that makes me yearn for must be part of that damned formula's effect on me....I want to be your total love slave....I want to explore your darkest fantasies and fill your days and nights with forbidden pleasures...Smythe are you listening to me...Smythe? Smythe!!! Are you there???"
"Damn it Caruthers! Keep your voice down...I'm going to get us out of here or die trying!!!"
Suddenly he was loose....he leaped to his feet as his sudden movement caused the snake to strike at him!!! It's fangs caught his pants leg but missed their mark otherwise, and he sent the beast to the devil by crushing it's head under a rock!!!!
As he untied the weeping Caruthers and held him close they heard the Voice of their nemesis echoing around them!
"Congratulations Mr. Smythe!!! You have killed the last Butterfly Cobra in the world!!!! The venom of this snake was the only antidote to the transformation drug I gave to your partner! I must say he makes an attractive woman....if you ever tire of him I'd be glad to buy him from you!!! However it is time for me to go!!! So once again I bid you goodbye Mr. Smythe and adieu to you Miss Caruthers!!!
For a long time Smythe just held his partner as she wept against his chest!!!! But it wasn't her comfort he was really thinking about!!!

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