Wednesday, March 23, 2016

On My Belly

I'm lying on my belly as she pulls down my panties and gently pats my bottom!!!! I feel so hot!!!!
She takes a dab of lube and spreading my cheeks she slowly works her finger inside me.....making me slippery....making me ready for it!!!!
Soon she slips it inside me, taking her time to get it into just the right position!!!! Once it's where she wants it she tells me it's my job to hold it seemed like forever until she removed it and wiped me clean with a tissue......
"101.5 Sissy.....get back to bed!"

I've had the Flu for the last couple of days Sweeties....March has not been kind to me....I hope to get back to my regular posting schedule soon.....


  1. I hope you feel better! Glad your Honey took care of you.
    Let me know if you need help, lol!

  2. Get well soon. Isn't it a nice feeling that your wife takes care of you when you're not feeling well. I also love when I'm sick and my wife comes into the bedroom and tells me to flip over so she can take my temperature.