Sunday, March 6, 2016

One Little Condition

"Kaaren, I invited your sissy friend Leeanne and his lovely wife over for Sunday Brunch with us on one little condition....neither one of you is allowed to cum under any circumstances!!! If one of you cums the other will be punished severely and put back into chastity for a minimum of six you both understand?"
"Yes Ma'am?"
"Completely Ma'am!"
She returned to the sofa and sat with Leeanne's beautiful wife while the two of us grew more and more excited!!!
"I can't Leeanne....I have to make you's all I dream about...."
"But the punishment....six months.....Kaaren are you sure?"
"It will be entirely worth it just to have the taste of you on my lips!"
"God help me, Sweet Girl, but I feel just the same!!!"
"Cum together then!"
"Oh yes!!!"
On the sofa Leeanne's wife took the twenty dollar bill and slipped it into my wife's hand....
"You were right....I never thought they'd give in in less than five minutes!"
"Don't underestimate my Kaaren....he's such a sissy slut....I'm surprised your poor Leeanne lasted as long as she did!"

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