Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Sissy School - Field Trip

Leeanne and Kaaren looked at each other nervously.....
"Where do you suppose we are Kaaren?"
"I'm not sure Leeanne....but it sounds like there's a lot of people outside that door!"
"I know....what do you suppose they're going to do to us?"
"Well considering that they chained us in this position and the amount of lube they used on us I'm pretty sure we both know what they're going to do to us!"
"You mean someone is going to...."
"Oh yeah Leeanne I think I can pretty much guarantee it!!! I'm just wondering how many of them are going to...."
"Oh my god Kaaren.....We're going to be gangbanged!!!!"
"Yeah I know....I can hardly wait!!!!"
"You're such a slut!!!"
"You say that like it's a bad thing!!!"
"Not at all Sweet Girl....because I can hardly wait too!!!!"


  1. Can i get transferred to this school?

  2. Could this also be considered a sissy lunch line?

    1. Well I'm sure some salad will be tossed....

  3. The bestest of times for the bestest of friends.

    1. Nobody I'd rather share with than you Sweetie!!!